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Am responding to your comments to my Cat DANDER problem. You recommend oil-based cat supplements. Have not found cat food that specifically claim "oil-based cat supplements" though their are several fish oil human health products. Curious could these capsules be opened and spread on cat food

Sincerely, Errol
Pickle Porcupine
Pickle Porcupine
I direct messaged u the answer
I have 4 brothers and 43 pets total and one horse at my grandpas house, my parents are divorced and I live with my mom half of the time and my dad half the time. And I also have one stepmom and a stepdad. I am in middle school and I play soccer and do track, I am the fastest girl in middle school currently. And I absolutely love animals!
Hi I'm new here I love pets so I saw how much you guys take care of pets so I wanted to join happy to be here bye????