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What are you thoughts on Pit-bulls?


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Oct 7, 2020
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I hear a lot of hate on pitbulls these days, with the idea that they're bad dogs, or that they're prone to violence, and are more prone to biting than other dogs. I had a pitbull for many years, and she was always a saint of a dog. Yeah she barked and jumped on people from time to time, she was rarely ever mean or showed anger towards people. She was always peaceful.

But, I hear people hate on pitbulls a lot these days, saying they're nothing but violent, which is far from the truth imo.

What are your thoughts on pitbulls as pets? Are you scare of them? Or do you find them to be great pets? I find them to be great pets myself.


Nov 16, 2020
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I understand the stigma surrounding pit-bulls. And some people may not agree with what I'm going to say, some people might:

It is true to an extent. A lot of pit-bulls are aggressive, mean, not good with children, etc. But it's not their fault! Since lots of people think of pit-bulls this way, they are trained this way. It's not that there can't be a good pit-bull, and it's not that every pit-bull is bad. And it's not at all the pit-bull's fault. I would 100% own a pit-bull one day. But I wouldn't risk getting a rescue if I had kids or lived with kids. Some rescues can be amazing, yes. But lots come from terrible situations and aren't trained to be good around kids and such. However this can happen to any dog, pit-bulls just seem to be one of the dogs trained to be bullies.

I haven't done too much research on the topic, so maybe it does contribute to their breed as well. I do think that they tend to be less tolerant of other dogs as a breed in general. But it definitely also depends on the specific dog and how they were trained and how they grew up. I know a few amazing sweet pit-bulls, but I also know a few I would never trust around small children or even some adults and other animals.

Since I'm not too educated on this topic, if someone wants to correct me for something please do! I would appreciate knowing more :D