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New member
Jan 15, 2021
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Dear all,

I would really appreciate if you could sign and share this petition please.
My little kitten Ghost, had heart failure. She was only 7 months old. Ghost died at home with me on December 8th at 5.13am.

I took her for her vaccinations a month ago. I was unable to go sooner due to being high risk of the virus and losing function in my arm due to MRSA.

When I took her to the vet, he came out 5 minutes later and said I’m really sorry but I think your kitten has only got 5 days to live. I’ve taken her to the Royal Veterinary College. Where they confirmed my little Ghost has heart failure.

However, when I bought Ghost I actually choose a different cat. A long haired cat, who looks completely different to Ghost. But when I saw Ghost I instantly fell in love with her and even today knowing everything I know about her I wouldn’t change her as I am so thankful to her. She came to me for a reason. Although, I can’t help but think why did her owner swap the kittens over? Did he know? But regardless, this does not matter as to me she was an angel.

I have been thinking a lot recently and I’ve started a petition called Ghosts law. I want it to be a law that ALL kittens are checked by a vet before sold. Many breeders with a licence take the kittens to be checked before they are sold. However, many slip through this. By saying I have less than three litres a year or I am not making a profit. I do understand there is ‘Lucy’s Law’ however, what I am asking for is different.

Under this law, the kittens will be checked along side their mother (of course for strays where the mum is not around, this does not apply) to ensure both the kitten and mum are well. If the mum shoes signs of illness, I want it to be law that she must be neutered and not be stressed by having another litter, as this is specifically targeting backyard breeders who are making their cats have litter after litter.

Having all kittens checked before they’re sold will allow potential owners time to start the journey for their kittens such as if a heart murmur is found, which is what happened in Ghosts case. There are other things which can be found such as cat flu. All I am asking for is all kittens have an ‘MOT’ check before they are sold. Some people have said this will lead to sick kittens being abandoned. No it won’t, there are many people like me who would actively buy a sick kitten to love and look after. All it does is ensures the potential owner knows about the health of the kitten. Licensed breeders are required to do this anyway so I don’t know why backyard breeders can do this and get away with it. There will always be people who breed for money and there will always be people with a story similar to mine. At least if we make it a bit harder it might protect animals better.

I don’t know where this journey with the petition will take me. I might fail but I have to at least try to protect other kittens.

Thank you so much x x

If you want to share this post copy and paste ?

Ghost story was also in the media https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www....r-heartbroken-400-gumtree-kitten-19617371.amp



New member
Jan 26, 2021
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