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How to take care of poodle puppies


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Feb 14, 2021
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Even though this breed was first a “water dog”, helping hunters retrieve prey that had fallen into bodies of water such as swamps and ponds, today’s Poodle is a pampered, indoor dog.Proper care for the Poodle puppy will involve many aspects that will all work in combination to maintain excellent health and good behavioral habits.It is important to establish a foundation of proper care during the puppy stage that will carry over throughout the Poodle’s life.

One of the most important elements to be aware of is that no matter what the puppy has been fed since he or she began eating solid food. You should have the exact same brand on hand. Quickly switching foods can cause upset stomach and other issues…and in the case of a puppy it can be the cause of hypoglycemia. A slow change must be made. If you opt to go with a different brand or to home cook. have enough of the ‘old’ food on hand for several weeks, as well as the ‘new’ so that that you can make gradual changeover.what are your own oppinions