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How to Get Well with Your Pet


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Apr 2, 2021
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Like humans, pets need the appropriate amounts of exercise, care, and nutrition. As many of us are looking to make positive changes in our lifestyles, it can be easier when we want to improve our pet’s general health and wellness too. There are many ways you and your pet can live a happier and healthier life together.


Focus on Nutrition

When it comes to getting well, our nutrition is often the first thing we look to improve. For both humans and pets, consider looking at high-quality sources of protein, like sustainably sourced beef or free-range chickens. Eat a lot of low-glycemic vegetables, like sweet potatoes, and if you eat grains, choose low-glycemic ones like brown rice. The same goes for your pet! Always choose pet foods with high-quality ingredients.

Add in some Exercise

For dog owners, this can be as easy as going for a walk with your pup around the block or through the local park. While it’s possible to train your cat to go for walks as well, another option is buying a cat toy that has a wand and feathers attached, so you can run through the house while your cat gets his or her exercise by chasing you.

The goal is to be active in the playtime with your pet. Instead of throwing a ball in the yard, making your pup do all the work, consider sprinting to a new spot in the yard before the next throw.


Contrary to common belief, rest is necessary for human and pet mental and physical health. Allowing your body to rest after exercise can promote healthy muscle growth, and relaxing while snuggling with your dog or cat can improve your bond and make you both happier overall.

Get Well

Changes are hard to make, but once you start, you and your pet will benefit from making healthier choices, being active, and relaxing. You don’t have to be perfect, so start small and always try again.



Apr 24, 2021
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Pets are special members of the family. They entertain, love unconditionally, relieve stress, and keep us from being lonely. Even pets aren't immune to illnesses, though. When a pet is ill, owners may feel worried and sad.

Writing a get-well-soon card for a pet is a great way to acknowledge the illness and provide some support for the pet's owners. Think about some of the qualities of the pet, and read over these examples, then you can decide what message will be best to send to the owner.
This article will cover get-well-soon messages for:

  • Pets in general
  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Reptiles

Example Get-Well Wishes for Pets​

These are some sincere get-well messages for a pet. Use one of these if you are unsure about whether to use humor.

  • We are praying for a full recovery for our furry friend!
  • Pets make life better in many ways. We hope your little guy gets better soon for everyone's sake.
  • Pets don't get sick days, but they should. They give so much. When they do get sick it's an opportunity to give back a little. That's what I'd like to do.
  • It's no good for the most comforting member of the family to be the one who needs comfort the most. Let us know how we can help.
  • Being a pet is a big responsibility. I hope to see you back to work soon.
  • I am looking forward to seeing ___ back to his/her shenanigans.
  • Please take care of that gorgeous furry friend of ours. I am quite fond of him/her.
  • If an apple a day keeps the doctor away for humans, then what keeps the vet away for pets?
  • Pets aren't supposed to get sick. They are supposed to help us feel better. I hope yours gets better soon.
  • I am thinking of your little friend, and I am wishing him/her well.
  • No one can love pets like their owners, but I sure do like yours a lot. So I'm wishing your pet to get well soon.
  • When special friends are sick, they need a special get-well card.
  • People and animals both get sick, but animals don't seem to get enough get-well cards.
  • If I need to comfort your furry friend, let me know. I enjoy the company of amazing animals.
  • No one deserves to get sick, especially cute, little, innocent pets!
  • Give your little furry friend some extra hugs and treats for me, and tell him/her to get well soon.