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20gal Pets!


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Nov 16, 2020
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Soo I was planning for mice to be my next pets, but unfortunately, it won't work out now :/

I'm planning on giving my friend my 40gal terrarium in exchange for the 20gal she has for her pet currently. Sooo, what are some 20gal pet ideas?

A couple of things to address:
I understand that EVERY pet will cost money
I am willing to provide vet care
I will NOT get any of these suggested pets until I am comfortable with the research I have done, these are just a few ideas to research further in-depth.

Space, this pet needs to live comfortably in a 20gallon it's whole life, I would rather it not be a 'minimum' for the pet, but something they will be happy in.
Handleability, I would prefer if I could handle this pet.
Diurnal, I would prefer if this pet was awake during the day rather than the night.
Costs, I would prefer a pet that is generally inexpensive to keep. I understand it will cost money but in general inexpensive.

Note: I am willing to go outside of the requirements listed above, but I thought I would add them just in case there is a pet as such.