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    How much bedding for guinea pigs?

    I would say 3-4 inches also. But I totally reccomend fleece. Fleece absorbs the pee well and it’s easy to just broom off the poop. In my cage I have a little place for bedding where the food is, and the rest linens.
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    Getting a second dog when your pet gets older

    I think it’s a good idea. Just make sure that your dog is the right type of dog for another young dog probably bothering her a lot. With my dog, she’s 10 and we got a puppy and she loves him, but does growl sometimes. But just make sure your dog will be ok with it. I wouldn’t get too young of a...
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    Hey I’m Emma from California!
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    What are some tropical fish that can live safe together?

    It kind of depends but tetras go good with everything that won’t eat them lol
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    What are the best tropical fish for a starter tank?

    I think bettas and guppies are good choices. Angelfish aren’t a good choice
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    What tropical fish do you have?

    I have a betta. He’s adorable.
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    My cat keeps bothering me at night

    Hello guys so I have a 3yo cat and he keeps bothering me and idk why! So basically he comes to my door at like 2:00AM scratches and meows at it. I can’t let him sleep with me because I have reptiles and fish he will mess with and he tends to knock stuff down. He also does this in the morning...