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    Good dog beds

    Are there any brand that are well known for the quality and comfort when it comes to dog beds?
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    Advice for New puppy owners

    What advice would you give for new first time puppy owners?
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    Your opinion on Cross-breeding

    What are your thoughts on Cross-breeding of species?
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    Does your dog like Water?

    This is the most 50/50 thing I've seen on dogs, some love them some absolutely despise being near it
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    Toughest Dog toy?

    Our dog tends to destroy his toys within a few weeks. Would love to purchase some tougher ones that could last a bit longer
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    Best Flea Medicine

    What is the best flea medicine to use for cats?
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    Scratch posts

    Have you guys been able to get your cats to use a scratch post? A while ago a cat I had would scrape our furniture, so we got them a post. However it never really used it but continued scraping the furniture
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    Having a snake?

    I was recently quite interested in having a snake as a pet. I had no specific snake in mind but thought it would be pretty cool. I am generally not a fan of snakes but thought having one as a pet would help with the phobia. However I found out they are illegal to keep as pets here! Anyone keep...
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    Your favorite breed?

    I know it's hard to pick just one, but what would be your favorite breed?
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    Hey there

    Hey Everyone, Glad to be apart of the forum, Hope to get to know a lot of you soon!