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  1. BillyTheHamster

    Most quiet pet birds?

    What would you say overall is the quietest? I know they all make noise but not all of them can get so loud that it becomes an issue. Someone I know wants to adopt a bird but he lives in an apartment and is worried about noise.
  2. BillyTheHamster

    Dogs that pull on the leash?

    My mother has a German Sheperd she adopted a few years ago. He was 2 years old when she adopted him. He was never able to walk on his leash properly. She has tried harnesses, different collars, training tips... Nothing has helped. It is hard for her to walk him at all now. I have been going by...
  3. BillyTheHamster

    Are toilet paper rolls okay?

    A friend of mine said they were toxic. I had never heard this before. I always put them in my hamster's cage so he can play in them and chew them up. He doesn't eat them, just uses them to keep his teeth trim really. Are they toxic? I am a bit concerned now.
  4. BillyTheHamster

    Do you think spaying and neutering should be reconsidered?

    I watched a video by a doctor who explained the health risks involved. She recommends that if you are going to spay or neuter a dog or cat, you wait until they have reached full sexual maturity. In most cases, this is around 9 months. She said there is little proof that it helps with things like...
  5. BillyTheHamster

    Animals and Leather

    Something I always thought was interesting is that most animals, be them cats or dogs, birds or rodents, seem to be drawn to leather. I have heard of all sorts of animals going after leather jackets, hats, and boots. Some will rub themselves on the items others will chew up or destroy them...
  6. BillyTheHamster

    How smelly are they?

    I have never owned one but my roommate wants to adopt one. I am fine with this but I am worried about the smell. I have heard that rabbits can be rather stinky. I am just not sure how true that is.
  7. BillyTheHamster

    Do you use wood shavings or paper substrate?

    I have always used wood shavings, the standard kind you find at all pet shops but I am considering changing to paper since it is more eco-friendly and you can get it in tons of different colors. Some people mentioned that it has better odor control as well.
  8. BillyTheHamster

    Do you prefer water bottles or bowls for water?

    I think both work just fine for hamsters but it really comes down to the owner's preference. I have always used bowls myself. It can be a bit messy but I am reminded to clean out his water dish daily where I would forget to change his water for days when it was in a bottle.