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    Urgent help needed with Ammonia Levels

    How exactly do you clean the sponge? I really think this could be the root of the problem. I'd recommend not cleaning at all for as long as possible. And if you do clean it then literally just get a tub of tank water, gently swish the sponge around with it a bit (no rubbing, squeezing, or...
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    Definition of a tropical fish?

    As much as I've enjoyed keeping "tropical" fish over the years, I admit I'm still often a bit confused about which fish count as tropical! They can be freshwater or saltwater, and - while I know they like warmer water - there doesn't seem to be an exact temperature that defines whether a fish is...
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    Happy To Be Hear

    Welcome to the forum! Looking forward to chatting :)
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    Do you have neighbors who hate on your pets?

    It's pretty difficult for neighbours to hate fish, so I'm ok! Lol :ROFLMAO: I think it's important to be considerate. It's fair enough that some people get annoyed when dogs are really loud, for example. For anyone who is having trouble with their neighbour, I'd definitely recommend talking...
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    Hiya Everyone

    Hi Mal - welcome to the forum! Looking forward to discussing goldfish with you. :)
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    What tropical fish do you have?

    Love that your favorite fish isn't actually a fish DinoNuggetz!! :ROFLMAO: Sorry to hear that he escaped and died too! How did he get out? No lid or are they able to squeeze through small gaps? Would you get another crayfish?
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    What tropical fish do you have?

    I love tropical fish and have kept lots of different species over the years. I was wondering what tropical fish other people have and which are your favourites? I'm not sure I'll be able to get more fish soon, but I'd love to try something new when I do have room for a new tank!