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    Goldfish Xmas presents?!

    This is a good idea. Maybe I can do it this year :)
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    Hello. I'm also new here. :)
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    Seahorse as a pet?

    I think you can only keep seahorses in their own saltwater tank because they can be hurt by other fish. They are also expensive and hard to keep alive. The average is about $100 for 10 dwarf horses. But if you really want to keep seahorses, you can buy those that have been raised in captivity.
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    Moving My Goldfish

    I think you did the right thing. But if you have to move your fish again, make sure to use a 5gallon bucket or a cooler. Or if you are not comfortable doing it, I think the best way to move a fish is to hire movers.
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    At what scale should gold fish be best fed

    Hi. It is always good to feed your goldfish at least once or twice a day. Notice that if your goldfish is swimming upside down, that means that they are overfed and maybe showing signs of having a swimbladder.
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    Goldfish sick

    Hi. I hope your goldfish is doing okay now. If not, you just have to continue with the ich treatment. It doesn't mean that the white spots disappeared means that they are all well. Otherwise, you might just miss a few parasites in the encapsulating dividing stage. The next thing you know, your...
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    Hello! :)

    Thank you Berry :)
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    Hello! :)

    I'm a newbie here. :)