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    How many dogs do you have?

    How many dogs do you have? Enter a number down below and tell me about each of them! Like this!! 5: Leo: Leo is a really dumb and weird Shih zu but he is super sweet! phoebe : phoebe is a princess and just loves people! Stella: Stella is a 1 year old mutt and is craziest thing I’ve ever...
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    Dog breeds that are good with cats

    Do you breed Pomeranians too? What types of dogs do you breed?
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    What type of animal is your favorite?

    Hello there! What is your favorite type of animal or what animals do you have?
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    Dog breeds that are good with cats

    I’d say yes, a golden retriever but if you don’t want shedding maybe a shih zu I have 2 of them and they act like cats anyways but are super friendly and love all animals and people! Have you thought about what your cats may do to the dog in other terms?
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    What is the best pet for beginners?

    Actually my brother got 3 of them like 2 months ago and they all died and he said they were super super hard to take care of and they never came out of their log so he could not see them so it was not worth it. I don’t mean to be rude or anything Billythehamster
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    New Kittens!!!

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    New Kittens!!!

    Awww 🥰
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    Hello everyone

    Welcome! Penguins are so funny! 😂 Do you have a favorite type of penguin? I like those macaroni noodle head ones!😂 if you have any questions about rodents which from your post you probably don’t but if you do, Berry is the person to go to!
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    Hello! I'm Lilums.

    You can call me Emma!
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    Hello! I'm Lilums.

    Well flash Is my Guinea pigs name because is super fast! But no that’s not my real name!
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    New Dwarf hamster owner

    Thank you! Yeah berry is very helpful!
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    New Dwarf hamster owner

    Well thank you so much! She is perfect to me in every way! No matter what she looks like or is!
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    Bit smelly.

    Ok thx
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    New Dwarf hamster owner

    Oh thanks! Is that rare or normal? How did you know that?!? Haha!
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    Small animal food

    Did u see the pic of her in another thread?