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    Do bigger goldfish exist?

    Goldfish can get pretty big given enough room to grow.
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    Is there a specific filter designed for goldfish?

    Most filters should work as long as it keeps the water clean and bacteria free
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    Could you use two tanks?

    The tubes transporting fish reminds me of that scene from Finding Nemo. I think this would be doable but not sure why you want teh tubes to go from top? They should ideally be horizontal and fish can swim to and fro
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    Running nose on the teething puppy

    Take it to see a vet would be the fastest way, blood is a bit worrisome
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    How do I stop my dog from running towards the road?

    This is difficult bheavior to train, I always try to keep mine on a leash unless within the fence
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    Why do dogs lick people? Do you let them lick your face?

    Personally I do not like when dogs lick my face, especially unknown dogs, who I have no idea what they previously licked
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    Good dog beds

    Are there any brand that are well known for the quality and comfort when it comes to dog beds?
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    Pigs as pets

    Never had a pig as a pet and can't recall anyone I know who had one either.
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    Does anyone here run a animal shelter?

    I support my local animal shelter with some donations once in a while, the people there work super hard
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    Advice for New puppy owners

    What advice would you give for new first time puppy owners?
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    Why do parents think goldfish are good pets for kids?

    I think Goldfish are found in abundance, in the beginning it was more marketing by pet shops to get an "easy" pet. People think Goldfish don't require much maintenance other than feeding once in a while and might be nice to I've the kid some responsibility. It's a shame because most goldfish...
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    Your opinion on Cross-breeding

    What are your thoughts on Cross-breeding of species?
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    Does your dog like Water?

    This is the most 50/50 thing I've seen on dogs, some love them some absolutely despise being near it
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    Toughest Dog toy?

    Our dog tends to destroy his toys within a few weeks. Would love to purchase some tougher ones that could last a bit longer
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    Best Flea Medicine

    What is the best flea medicine to use for cats?