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    Most quiet pet birds?

    What would you say overall is the quietest? I know they all make noise but not all of them can get so loud that it becomes an issue. Someone I know wants to adopt a bird but he lives in an apartment and is worried about noise.
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    Turkey as a pet

    They are very loud and destructive from what I hear. It is better/easier to care for chickens. I personally wouldn't want either. I don't have the yard space or the time to commit to carrying for this kind of animal.
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    Do parrots really talk?

    My parakeet talked. He would say a handful of things. He would ask "Whatcha doing?" when you would go by his cage. He also said "hello" and a few other one-word things. Hookbills are the types who can learn to talk but not all do. This is not to say other birds can't. Some people have had...
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    Round top or square?

    I think the round top is better for birds that sit up taller. So bigger birds like African Grays and Parrots. Otherwise, the square cage is often easier to work with in terms of toys and space for them to play.
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    Are birds loyal?

    I would never let a bird outdoors if that is what you are talking about. The only birds I think you can safely do this with are larger prey hunting birds like hawks (requires a lot of training) or birds like pigeons and doves.
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    How long do parakeets live for?

    I believe the average is 15 years but they can live up to 30 in some cases. The one I had as a child lived to be about 13 years. I am not sure why he died but my mother believes it was down to her forgetting to close the window the one night it got chilly out and the draft killed him.
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    Dogs that pull on the leash?

    My mother has a German Sheperd she adopted a few years ago. He was 2 years old when she adopted him. He was never able to walk on his leash properly. She has tried harnesses, different collars, training tips... Nothing has helped. It is hard for her to walk him at all now. I have been going by...
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    Will you let your dog die a natural death?

    I prefer to let natural death happen if possible. I think this is easier with smaller breeds though and not so easy with larger ones. Once they can't walk or move for whatever reason, they will be pooping and peeing in one place which can be overwhelming if they are larger than say, 30 pounds.
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    How do you manage a dog that barks too much at night?

    Most dogs that bark at night are doing it because they are either hearing something outside or they are bored. You have to get a dog to be on your sleeping schedule as well as make sure no animals are up and about outside your house at night like raccoons, stray cats, and skunks.
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    Are dogs allowed in Malls in your area?

    The only time they are allowed in malls or any public area is if they are registered medical assistant dogs. If they don't have a card for this, they will be forced to leave.
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    Are toilet paper rolls okay?

    A friend of mine said they were toxic. I had never heard this before. I always put them in my hamster's cage so he can play in them and chew them up. He doesn't eat them, just uses them to keep his teeth trim really. Are they toxic? I am a bit concerned now.
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    Do you think height is better or width?

    I have found that mine prefers more surface space. He tried climbing more when he was new and younger. I think this is common for most rodents. They check to see if they can get out.
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    Tunnel system around house

    They poop a lot and often. This would require you to clean a lot of this tubing every 3 or 4 days just to prevent a mess and a smell. I like the idea but like Pumpkin said, I wouldn't be able to keep up with the maintenance of it.
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    Are long-hair hamsters hard to find?

    It isn't that they are hard to find, it is just that most common pet shops don't typically carry them all year round. I often see them at smaller shops and specialty places. They are more expensive in most cases.
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    Share your hamster pictures?

    I don't have very many pictures because I don't like using the flash on my hamster but I will have to see if I have them saved to my laptop. Otherwise, I will need to get them off my phone.